Network Spinal Analysis

Everyone has the right to feel alive, vital, joyous and free. Whatever limitations you might feel in your body – whether symptoms, pain, or disease – they are all a call for change. However, when in distress, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what change to make. Connection to your body is your ticket to freedom.

Flourish specializes in helping people create connection in their bodies no matter what the condition, symptom, pain or disease. This is done by a revolutionary, form of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis established by Donny Epstein D.C.

What would life be like if you could take your health into your own hands? With Network Spinal Analysis care practice members are actually participating in their health by using keen observation and awareness and learning to recognize and reduce stress in the body. By using precise, gentle contacts on the spine, the body and brain are cued to move from a state of overwhelm and defense to a state of ease and growth. Practice members often report less anxiety and depression, improvements in physical, emotional and mental well-being, improved responses to stress, improved quality of life and life enjoyment.

Video Transcript

NSA Chiropractor: What would life be like if you could actually take your health into your own hands? NSA [Network Spinal Analysis] is an approach to healing, health, and well-being that utilizes very gentle contacts along the spine to help reduce stress in the body.

What makes NSA unique, is that it may look like a very passive process on the table, but in fact it’s a very active process – people are actually participating in their own healing through keen observation, through awareness, and being able to breathe in new certain ways about their own healing strategies, their own healing abilities, that they never had prior to doing network care, that actually help them manage and effectively reduce stress in their body, reducing symptoms, creating greater levels of health and well-being.

So what we’re really doing is coaching the nervous system to be well on its own, rather than getting a doctor to try to fix you.

Patient 1: Before I started, I couldn’t walk or stand for more than five or ten minutes. However a lot of people knew what I was like and when they see me now, they’re like ‘Wow, what is it that you’ve done?’ and it’s all because of NSA.

Patient 2: I felt that I needed to try NSA because the treatment that I was receiving before – I really did feel like I’d plateaued. I felt that there was more inside of me that I needed, and I thought I would give it a try, and it was the best thing I ever did.

NSA Chiropractor: With NSA, people feel more positive feelings about themselves, they experience less depression, less anxiety, they have more life enjoyment, their quality of life improves, they are more self-aware, they can adapt to change better, and then from that point they actually make more constructive lifestyle choices for themselves.

Patient 3: I had a lot of back pain when I started NSA. It was to the point that I was regularly not sleeping at night. I have gone from pain to no pain. I’ve gone from not being in touch with my body to being in tune with my body and having integration with what’s happening and it’s been a completely life-changing experience for me that I didn’t expect that has caused me to want to do more.

NSA Chiropractor: When we first work with someone, our goal really is to reacquaint them with their body. When a person has pain or a crisis or a symptom the first knee-jerk reaction is to try to get rid of it. But something’s amiss in the body and the person needs to actually learn from that. So it really means to stop, take inventory, observe what’s really happening – how you’re feeling, how you’re using your body, how you’re perceiving life, and make some changes in those regards. That’s how you actually learn from a crisis or a pain or a symptom. And NSA helps you do just that.

Patient 4: My life has changed in many ways because of NSA. I’ve been convinced that NSA care is part of the maintenance regime that I want to do for my body and my spirit and my mind.

NSA Chiropractor: What pain is, is a call for change. And what NSA does is answer that call.